Contemporary art takes the Tranque Cultural Center

For the first time, at the Tranque Cultural Center in Chile, a show dedicated to contemporary art is presented. Narrativas – Colección Pedro Montes (Narratives - Pedro Montes Collection) presents paintings, photographs, objects, drawings, sculptures, installations and video installations created by Latin American artists that address common issues such as marginality, violence and racism throughout history.

Contemporary art takes the Tranque Cultural Center

The exhibition that takes place at the Tranque Cultural Center until August 5th, arises from a curatorial exercise proposed by the historian Sebastián Vidal and the poet -and curator of the exhibition- Sergio Parra from the works of the collection personal of Pedro Montes. In addition to the works, texts written by artists, writers and critics of the first level of the twentieth century dialogue with the paintings and contemporary installations of the collection, with one goal: to explore the capacity of contemporary art to contain stories. Parra explains: "Each work has its own story, but being accompanied by these texts creates tensions and amplifies its symbolic field. Thus, the text challenges the work and vice versa.”

Known for his historical collection of works from the 70s and 80s, Pedro Montes has also gathered an interesting collection of artists who are in full activity. It is in these last ones where the curatorship of Sebastián Vidal and Sergio Parra is concentrated, with works of internationally recognized names such as Paz Errázuriz and Iván Navarro, or emerging artists such as Sebastián Calfuqueo and Isidora Bravo.

Likewise, the exhibition tries to illuminate the conflict zones of today: urban violence, sexual dissidence, feminine iconography, the student movement, memory and the hierarchy in power, among others. From a historical perspective, Vidal observes that: "The set of works reflects the visual and intellectual thinking of contemporary artists in Chile and Latin America. With this, he also gives a look about the state of things in the country. All these pieces have an anchorage in reality and expose fractures in our society".

The selection made by Parra and Vidal for Narrativas – Colección Pedro Montes covers mainly artists of the post 90 generation, but with specific inclusions to historical pieces from the 80s. Among the best known, one can identify Marta Minujín (Argentina) , Marlon de Azambuja (Brazil), Cadu (Carlos Eduardo Felix da Costa, Brazil), Moris (Israel Meza Moreno, Mexico) and Giancarlo Scaglia (Peru), Teresa Margolles (Chile) and Gabriela Mistral (Chile).

In turn, within the framework of the exhibition, Tranque Cultural Center will carry out various activities for adults and children with the participation of curators, Pedro Montes and some poets such as Raúl Zurita.