Located in the city of Córdoba, La Casa Blanca inaugurated on June 28th Richmond, Reggo, Real, the solo show by the artist from Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Daniel Basso. It can be visited until August 10th.

Columna Mate Madera laqueada, fórmica y cerámica. 13 x 30 x 80 cm 2016

Richmond, Reggo, Real brings together a set of sculptures that were created after 8 years of work. The selection of works for the exhibition tells of different stages of the artist's production, however, all of them are in some way or another linked by a personal aesthetic. Artifacts, mixed experiences of noble and synthetic materials star in a staging in dialogue with the architecture of the gallery.


Exposition Text:




Dear Dani,


 I extend these words of pain 2 years after your departure to Virginia.

The orange wood and the white stimulatory stone of nature shelter me

Taking a cheap whiskey from a golden car, with smoked glass

Thinking about the moment of reunion. The desire for your ornament.


The days become dense, I crawl down Avenida Colón, yearning to find you in surprise.

I open the door of the bars thinking that they are your room,

That I will find your jewels and your kisses




I cannot stand it anymore.

 The hours become intense looking for your reflection in the mirror hearts

The anxiety of your ornament, of your warp, of your filament.

I need to stop Omar serves me the sixth coffee and recommends me to rest,


Arrive at our apartment to remain awake


What is a home without you?


Only the ghost marks of your missing furniture remain,


But your being Argentokitsch always present.




There is a cable channel that hides behind the painting that adorns my sadness,


Inside contains the wires that power the tulips off


The only thing left for me to do is let the tea cool down.


But here I will continue.


Sign in the conviction that in only 4 days I will see you descend from this wooden ship


Entrenched in this corner, resting the sweet wait


With love,