Argentine artist, Catalina Chervin, exhibits at the MACBA from March 6th to May 3rd, where some of her most important works of the last 20 years of her career are exhibited, many of them for the first time in Argentina.


Winner of the Trabucco Prize in Drawing and the First Drawing Prize of the "Manuel Belgrano" Salon of Plastic Arts, Chervin writes about his work: “There is a void in my work, the expression of a void that is filled with shapes. Forms that seem to be organs, birds, fragments of a human body cut into a thousand pieces, monsters of their own mythology, landscapes, towers where the crowd falls and spreads creating a world and flooding the space. Forms that make up a sinuous fabric that is assembled by silence, where each figure is generated and engenders another simultaneously to infinity ”.



The exhibition, curated by Ángel Navarro, brings together large-scale works belonging to series such as "De los paisajes escritos" (written landscapes) or "De las pequeñas marcas" (Small marks), and includes a selection of 2 x 3 meter diptychs, from her series "Street Art". In them, Chervin uses pen, pencil, inks and carbon to capture on the paper shapes, lines, stains that juxtapose and weave textures, lights and shadows.


"Catalina's works are based on a minimal sign, an elementary particle, a mark that leaves her pen, nib, or rotring so that, as a demiurge, she begins to build an extraordinary, ethereal and subtle world," Navarro says in his curatorial text. "Creations marked by forms that are close to the biological, with shadows that accentuate certain areas providing drama to those beings that throbbed on their white background," he adds.



In parallel to the exhibition there will be an agenda of special activities on March 22, April 5 and May 3, in which Catalina Chervin will perform performative experiences that will combine poetry, drawing and music, with guest artists. There will be dialogues between the work of Chervin and the literary work of Olga Orozco, Idea Villariño and Clarice Lispector, and a performance concert through improvisations and compositions of a musical ensemble.


In addition, a book with a careful edition will be presented that brings together a selection of works made between 1998 and 2020, along with critical texts by specialists such as Ángel Navarro, curator of ancient drawing of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Argentina; Norman Kleeblatt, chief curator for more than four decades of the Jewish Museum in New York and current co-chair of AICA-USA (International Association of Art Critics), and British writer Susan Owens, who was curator of painting at the Victoria and Albert Museum . Chervin's work in this publication is also analyzed by Austrian art historian Marietta Mautner Markhof, curator of the Albertina Museum until 2018, and curator, writer and professor at the Institute of Fine Arts at the University of New York (NYU) Edward J. Sullivan, specialist in Spanish-Portuguese art, among other important figures in the art world.


About Catalina Chervin

Catalina Chervin was born in Corrientes in 1953. She graduated from the Higher School of Fine Arts “Ernesto de La Cárcova”, also trained in the workshops of Teresio Fara, Kenneth Kemble, Ideal Sanchez, Eolo Pons, Emilio Renart, among other Argentine teachers.

She has shared her life between Buenos Aires and New York for more than thirty years, where she works in the Robert Blackburn Printmarking Workshop and with master-printers Lothar Osterburg, Kathy Caraccio and Devraj Dakoji.

Her works are part of the permanent collections of important museums such as The British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum (London, Great Britain), The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The New York Public Library, El Museo del Barrio, Brooklyn Museum of Art (New York, USA), Graphische Sammlung Albertina (Vienna, Austria), among others.

In Argentina, her work is part of the heritage of the Museum of Visual Arts "Eduardo Sívori" and the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts "Franklin Rawson" of San Juan. In addition, in 2005 she won the Alberto J. Trabucco Prize in Drawing, awarded by the National Academy of Fine Arts, and in 2018 the First Drawing Prize of the "Manuel Belgrano" Visual Arts Salon, among other distinctions.



The exhibition opens on Friday, March 6, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires, MACBA (Av. San Juan 328, CABA).