At the Pablo Atchugarry Foundation (5520 Northeast 4th Avenue, Miami, FL 33137), since May 10, The 55project presents a collective exhibition curated by Jennifer Inacio and Flavia Macuco Pecego. What I really want to tell you ... brings together fourteen Brazilian artists to address the features of the cultural, social and political history of the Latin American country.

By Matías Helbig
Vanderlei Lopes. O passado é um belo presente! (The Past is a Lovely Present!), 2018. Photo: Edouard Fraipont

With the focus on the conception of artistic production as a kind of research method, each of the artists participating in this exhibition focuses on elements and specific problems of Brazilian history. Thus, the works intend to manifest themselves as impact works that question and propose models of change.

An advance communicated by Jennifer Inacio to exemplify the curatorial proposal are the artworks of Rosana de Paulino (São Paulo, 1967), Paulo Nazareth (1977, Minas Gerais) and Jonathas de Andrade (1982, Maceió). As a common theme these three artists approach racial conflicts from their origins revealing a colonial past barely mentioned in hegemonic history discourses.

In the same way, the visual artist Randolpho Lamonier exhibits a utopia: A Brazilian future detached from current socio-political conflicts. Lamonier analyzes the contemporary state of Brazil and projects a possible world, always with a look through the past. He responds to recent history from extrapolation and displacement of scenarios.

"The exhibition emphasizes the ways in which art stimulates and informs about new ideas within a context of divergent realities," explain the curators. "Respond to history from the present moment." That's what All I want to tell you ... is about, a platform to forge solutions and answers from the field of plastic and visual arts.



Artists that exhibit in All I want to tell you ...

Almandrade, Jonathas de Andrade, Liene Bosquê, Paulo Bruscky, Anna Bella Geiger, Rubens Gerchman, Ivan Grilo, Randolpho Lamonier, Vanderlei Lopes, Gabriela Mutti, Paulo Nazareth, Regina Parra, Rosana Paulino and Mano Penalva.