Within Dr. Emilio Solanet pavilion, at the background there are two sections that seek to integrate photography through other perspectives.

On the one hand, using the photographic medium to understand music world, Fine Art Music Show is a new section of BAphoto aimed at establishing relationships between photography and music history.

Ph: Roberta Bayley.

Through the valorisation of different photographers, the booth relive historical moments of the twentieth century music scene and understand the importance of photography in the representation and dissemination of outstanding musicians at an international level.

With the participation of Roberta Bayley as a guest artist of the section, her works more similar to a visual chronicle, go through the punk rock that began in the 70s until the early 80s in England. Bayley worked as a receptionist at the door of the legendary CBGB, where she became friends with the most important figures in the music scene: Iggy Pop, Blondie, Richard Hell, Elvis Costello, The Sex Pistols, Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers, Joe Strummer, The Ramones, Nick Lowe, The Damned, The Clash, The Dead Boys and The New York Dolls.

Bayley co-wrote the book "Patti Smith: An Unauthorized Biography" with Victor Bockris, and is the author of "Blondie: Unseen 1976-1980". His photographs have been exhibited in such important cities as New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Austin, Paris, Portland, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, Mexico City and Pittsburgh. Roberta's work for The Heartbreakers, 1975, and The Ramones, New York, 1976, was selected for the publication "Who Shot Rock & amp; Roll "by Gail Buckland and it was exhibited in the Brooklyn Museum of the City of New York in the year 2010. The images that Gail selected for the book, The Heartbreakers and The Ramones, are between the most emblematic images of the history of the punk .

On the other hand, under the coordination of Verónica Santalla, Irene Gelfman and Carolina Baitman, the auditorium is a space for conferences, debates and book presentations. 

With a proposal for the exchange of knowledge about the environment and the stimulation of the theoretical debate, the Auditorium has an extensive program with figures such as Matías Feldman -who spoke yesterday afternoon-, Andrés Di Tella, SUB Cooperativa, Proyecto imaginario and a talk about the UNSAM Degree in Photography, directed by Juan Travnik.