ArtCenter/South Florida to Partner with BHQFU to Provide Arts Education

Miami’s ArtCenter/South Florida and Bruce High Quality Foundation University have announced the launch of MFU: Miami, a new fellowship program that will offer alternative education initiatives.

ArtCenter/South Florida to Partner with BHQFU to Provide Arts Education

Maria del Valle, ArtCenter’s executive director, said, “As the daunting costs of degrees and student loans become increasingly more challenging for today’s artists, ArtCenter/South Florida aims to provide new solutions and alternative paths that can really make a difference in an artist’s career.”

The new program was developed for visual artists, curators, researchers, writers, performers, and musicians, in any stages of their careers, who want to receive an arts education.

“Our goal is to get artists together and let them figure out what arts education should look like,” Seth Cameron, president of Bruce High Quality Foundation, said. “It’s a deceptively simple premise that has occupied BHQFU since we first hatched the idea a decade ago.” He added, “Now, having run hundreds of rigorous, ridiculous and radical experiments with thousands of New York artists, we’re thrilled to expand to Miami via this new partnership with ArtCenter/South Florida and see what new things we can learn.”

The first twelve-week residency, which kicks off in February 2017 and ends in May, will feature group critiques, local visits, discussions and guest-artist lectures. It will be led by visiting faculty and artists. Recent guest artists at BHQFU include, Rashid Johnson, Lisa Yuskavage, Lorraine O’Grady, Huma Bhaba, Christine Sun Kim, David Salle, Jayson Musson, and Dana Schutz.