Art Basel Hong Kong: a glimpse to the most important art fair in Asia

The mega art fair based in Basel and Miami opens to the public its 2018 edition of the Hong Kong fair, at the Convention and Exhibition Center of the city, from March 27 to guests and from the 29th to the 31st March to the public.

By Arte al Día Internacional
Art Basel Hong Kong: a glimpse to the most important art fair in Asia

The 2018 edition features 248 galleries from 32 countries and territories that underline Art Basel's commitment to the region as half of the participating galleries have exhibition spaces in Asia and Asia-Pacific. The program offers an in-depth description of the region's diversity through historical material and avant-garde works by established and emerging artists.

Eight sectors with different curatorial aproaches will organice the fair. The Galleries sector presents art from the world's leading Modern and contemporary art galleries, displaying paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, film, video and digital artworks from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Insights presents projects by galleries based in the Asia and the Asia-Pacific region and representing artists from the region – from Turkey to New Zealand, including Asia, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Booths may include solo shows, exceptional art-historical material and thematic exhibitions.

Discoveries gives a powerful platform to emerging contemporary artists, showcasing work by the next generation of talent at an early stage in their career. Galleries exhibit exciting new work created specifically for the show by an artist from their gallery program.

Kabinett sector participants present curated exhibitions in an architecturally delineated space within their booths. The curatorial concepts for Kabinett sector diverse, including thematic group exhibitions, art-historical showcases, and solo shows for rising stars.

Dedicated to presenting large-scale sculpture and installation works by leading artists from around the world, Encounters provides visitors with the opportunity to see works that transcend the traditional art fair stands, presented in prominent locations throughout the exhibition halls. Curated by Alexie Glass-Kantor. Encounters is supported by MGM Resorts Art & Culture.

Curated by Li Zhenhua, Director and Founder of Beijing Art Lab, the Film sector presents an exciting program of short films and special screenings by and about artists.

In ​Magazines, art publications from around the world display their magazines in single-magazine stands or the collective booth. Editors and publishers often attend the show and many magazines contribute presentations to Conversations, our series of lectures and discussions by prominent members of the artworld.

Finally in Conversations, Art Basel hosts a series of conversations on topics concerning the global contemporary art scene. Conversations offers a platform for dynamic dialogues between prominent members of the international artworld, each offering their unique perspective on producing, collecting, and exhibiting art. The series include artist talks, panels, and discussions with a range of speakers including artists, gallerists, curators, collectors, architects, art lawyers, critics, and many other cultural players. Conversations is programmed by Stephanie Bailey

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