Until December 10th, at TEORéTica space, Ejercicios de Autonomía (Autonomy Exercises) collective exhibition of Costa Rican artists Priscilla Monge and Victoria Cabezas is presented. Under the curatorship of Miguel Ángel López the works of each one are opposed in a constant symbolic confrontation.

Priscilla Monge. Ph: M. López

Constituted by photographs, installations, videos, paintings, collages, among other things, the space contrasts Monge and Cabezas. Addressing the final production of Cabezas in the eighties and nineties of the previous century in Monge. Thus, the curatorial exercise of the exhibition seeks to lead them to opposing horizons. However, along the way, the poetics and the language of each of them intersect by constructing a peculiar narrative.

Characterized by certain features of emotional, erotic and even ironic cohort, the exhibition adopts a feminist tone. By putting into question symbolisms such as the wedding dress, for example, the artists make a nod to the feminist discourse so in vogue in these times.

Also,Ejercicios de Autonomía reveals an experimental process in regard with Victoria Cabezas photographs. Focusing on the chemical processes of photography, the Costa Rican artist establishes a self-referentiality of technique and of her own work, illustrating, also, the processes of research and construction of meaning.

On the other hand, Priscilla Monge artworks allude to popular identity and its construction processes based on social constraints, the dominant idiosyncrasies and so on. A macro social observation, but through interpersonal relationships investigation. From there, Monge uses herself to question certain structures.

As the brochure of the exhibition proposes, the exhibition revolves around four curatorial axes: the visual construction of masculinity, the theatricalization of identity and love, the violence present in the domestic sphere and the normative ideals of the feminine modeled by the media. Alluding to canonical and avant-garde artistic currents, Ejercicios de Autonomía is an exceptional opportunity to know the work of these two Central American artists.