Brazilian galleries Galeria Athena Contemporânea and Athena Galeria recently announced the creation of the new headquarters at Botafogo neighborhood, in the city of Rio de Janeiro: both spaces will be now united under the name of Galeria Athena.

Render del nuevo espacio Galería Athena.

On the one hand, founded in the mid-90s, Athena Galeria de Arte devoted its space to the secondary market (that is, the resale of works through auctions or dealers). On the other hand, Athena Contemporânea, founded in 2011, emerged more as a space for creation and discussion through the support and accompaniment of artists within the Brazilian and international national scene.

The space constituted by both galleries that inaugurates this month occupies an immense traditional house of 500m² that dates from 1938. The new headquarters is distributed in two large spaces: the first one, of 140m² and high ceilings, destined to destined to large exhibitions; the second, with a space of 50m².

According Galeria Athena team members, the union and expansion will allow them to carry out more challenging projects aimed at the creation of special programs, workshops and visits outside and inside the gallery. Thus, generating a new bond with collectors, gallerists and the amateur public in general. Also, positioning the gallery as a site of exploration and deepening of contemporary art.

Eduardo Masini, founding partner of this project admitted being very excited about the new space and explained: "We aim to relate and contribute to Brazilian contemporary art through our artists. Undoubtedly, our vision together with the potential of the artists will result in a spatial and sensory interaction platform for all audiences. "