This July 6, MAMAC presents the individual exhibition of Irene Kopelman. She explores exceptional ecosystems, where she seeks to understand the mechanisms of the living world. Each biotope is a specific adventure, sensitive (feeling the landscape, its scale and movements); visual (entanglement and interdependence of the elements) and intellectual nature (discovering with the scientific teams in the field the tools of recording, measuring and understanding the life of these ecosystems and their role on a large scale).

Irene Kopelman en su estudio. Ph: Ilya Rabinovich.

From its observation phases, series of delicate drawings or gouaches are born, at the limit of abstraction, whose patterns evoke so many samples
of a single landscape. This work “sobre el terreno” (on the ground) and this practice of “de la naturaleza”(of nature) records refer to the
explorations of naturalists in the 18th and 19th centuries. Fascinated by the cabinets of curiosities and the multiple mineral boards, botanical
species born from this period of discoveries, the artist questions this period of exploration and construction of knowledge, identification of natural
phenomena and methodological search, while confronting it with contemporary ecological problems.

The MAMAC presents, for the first time in Nice, France, series produced in the tropical rainforest of Panama in 2014, Vertical Landscape, Lianas; a series of drawings on mangroves made in Bocas del Toro and two large paintings, based on the series of Banyan tree drawings, made especially for this exhibition, and drawings of the Crab Pellets series