The Art Center Dos de Mayo (CA2M) Community of Madrid inaugurated Autoeclipse (Selfeclipse), an individual exhibition by the Peruvian artist Armando Andrade Tudela. The exhibition was commissioned by Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, who collaborated from the assembly to the constitution of a sui generis narrative regarding the disposition of the works. The exhibited artworks stablish tensions with their predecessors, with the biography of Armando himself and with the political and social evolution of the places where the artist has resided, thinking about the artistic production in its public and social sense, on the one hand, and in the more private sphere, on the other.


Placing the production and work of the artist as one of the thematic axes, Autoeclipse reflects on work in general, its capacity to form a community and the political and social character that evolves and develops within it. In addition, and always in this duality game that has the effect of working both in the public and private sphere, Andrade Tudela highlights the consequences of work in one’s own body: anxiety, the production of knowledge, the construction of ideas and opinions, etc. 

"Making an exhibition with Armando Andrade Tudela is like carrying out a trepanation operation. It is to make a hole in the head and put your fingers inside. It is opening the work to release the pressure. It is cutting a door to open an artist's system and make it take unprecedented paths. It is delicate, archaic and ironic, "explains Daniel Steegmann Mangrané and adds:" Giving in to trepanation is also a way of escaping a form of bureaucracy from the exhibition that would fix the works that we would like instead to keep in a critical state, when they oscillate between categories of sculpture, painting, photography, cinema, usefulness, furniture, which face both the workshop and the conceptual practice, the north and the south, the hand and the head. A trepanation is a ruse. But there are others. "

Finally, it should be noted that the addition of Steegmann's collaboration to Andrade Tudela’s work provides a completely new observation. In the exhibition that is exhibited in CA2M the artworks are perceived beyond their way of existing, they displace any type of univocal reading and any type of stigma. Thus, artist and the curator created a universe of multiple readings that is related to all canon indirectly and with none directly.

The exhibition opened on February 24th and will remain until August 25th of this year.