On Sunday, June 17, at the Los Galpones Art Center, Caracas, the Venezuelan artist Miguel Braceli presented the 1:1 individual exhibition. The exhibition brings together Braceli's current work, where the works function as a large spatial installation interacting with each other.


Recently, the artist made ephemeral interventions where collective participation is necessary and fundamental for the construction of images sensitive to the landscape in which they are inserted, transforming and absorbing their transformations. According to Braceli, his research "tries to recognize these transactional relationships, to be unveiled in living works that make change its constituent substance. The works are social and political constructions in the public space to draw concepts that relate to and from the landscape itself "and adds that:" Today's art approaches society in a different way, it tries to re-establish relationships with life beyond its representation. It is introduced into the everyday, dialogues with it until it becomes part of itself. There is a relationship of exchange between the work and life from a mutual transformation. The works come from recognizing the phenomena or situations that develop in the landscape, while involving people to intervene in their creation".

Starting from the body as a research space to create ephemeral forms capable of generating experiences and reflections Braceli generates forms that are made possible through collective participation with the aim of transforming realities through dialogue and contexts.

1:1 is the natural scale that describes the relationship of exact proportion between representation and reality. Constituted by a compendium of large format works in the public space inserted in an expositive way where the conceptual, formal and haptic dimensions are reconstructed in their real scale. Likewise, interventions carried out in different contexts in Venezuela, Latin America and Europe, are exhibited in photographs, videos and three-dimensional pieces constituting an inventory of works and project strategies. The materials used in the interventions are converted into a series of books to read with the body, bringing the viewer closer to the experience contained in each of these projects, where reality and utopia meet.

In a space in the exhibition hall specially designed and conditioned for the projection directly on the wall, on an almost real scale, visitors will appreciate in moving and beautiful videos the different and diverse interventions that this outstanding Venezuelan artist has made in recent years . On the other hand, within the framework of the exhibition, a series of activities will be carried out, such as guided tours, talks, conferences, live actions, musical events and workshops, which will be announced in a timely manner.

Curated by Miguel García, the Miguel Braceli exhibition, 1:1, opened on June 17 at the Los Galpones Art Center, Espacio Monitor.