In the middle of Buenos Aires Art Week, the programming of the Seeber Park for today, Wednesday 10, goes from a guided tour directed by the Art Historian Daniela Rez, to a screening of the film Método Livingston (Livingston Method), a documentary that makes the production and thought of one of the most questioned architects of Argentina. In addition, it inaugurates the 28th edition of arteBA fair and the guided tours coordinated by the critic and curator Laura Batkis. Discover all the cultural activities!


At 3:00 p.m., Daniela de la Rez, graduate in Management and History of Arts from the Salvador University and Masters in History of Argentine and Latin American Art from the National University of San Martín, will make a tour throughout all the facilities and architectural and sculptural heritage that have been inside Plaza Seeber, headquarters of the Art Week (SDA). In addition to the historic architectural legacy that characterizes the park, the artists Margarita Paksa, Mariana Tellería, Marie Orensanz, Luna Paiva and Carlos Hauffmann have intervened the space with site-specific installations. The meeting point for the guided tour will be in minutes before 3:00 p.m. in the SDA Pavilion (see map). It is a unique opportunity to understand the work of consecrated artists that continue to produce today.

At 6:00 p.m. the park is owned by Jesús Guiraldi, who will present the performance Una constante (A constant). Specialized in folk dances, ballet, contemporary dance, urban dances and parkour, Guiraldi directs this performance addressing the issue of the material construction and deconstruction of the body through the "destruction of the normal body paradigm": a body is associated with others and with the environment in order to create and destroy in an instantaneous but constant process.



After the performance of Jesús Guirlado, at 6:20 p.m. prodanza (pro-dance) training will be held in Seeber Park. The activity will be in charge of Prodanza directors- financing line of the Impulso Cultural platform of the Ministry of Culture, GCBA - the choreographers Andrea Saltiel and Gerardo Litvak. The objective of the call is to provide the public with tools on how to apply to this specific financing line for dance.

Finally, the night is for the BAFICI (Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival). At 9:00 pm, the documentary directed by Sofía Mora, Método Livingston will be screened in the park. Centered on the figure of an architect -Rodolfo Livingston- successful, but ignored by the academy, the documentary shows the intimacy of this polemicist, bon vivant and holy heretic of Castro's Cuba. In short, the portrait of an urban artist.