Buenos Aires is preparing for the most exciting week of the year. From April 8 to 14, the Argentine capital becomes the cultural epicenter of the country. Within the framework of the 28th edition of arteBA, the largest international art fair held in Argentina, and the arrival of Art Basel Cities to Buenos Aires, the Ministry of Culture of the City has arranged everything for Buenos Aires Semana del Arte/ Art Week (SDA). In confluence with these two important events, the SDA encourages institutions, artists, collectors, galleries and spaces to activate the city through the development of cultural activities and public interventions. A proposal to bring local and international artistic production to the general public.

Marie Orensanz Más allá del tiempo, 2017. Acero inoxidable espejado, 12 agujas de reloj. Dimensiones variables. Foto: © UNTREF MEDIA

The core that shapes the Art Week is the SDA Park. The green park located at the intersection of Libertador and Sarmiento avenues opens on Tuesday 9 with an artistic intervention by the famous visual artist Margarita Paksa and a screening run by the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (BAFICI). The park will remain active until April 14 with an extensive program that includes the exhibition of public artworks by Marie Orensanz, Mariana Telleria, Luna Paiva and Carlos Huffman and an architectural pavilion with lectures and activities. In addition, from days 12 to 14, Art Basel Cities will present a series of talks between artists, thinkers and art managers regarding the new challenges and intersections of dialogues that present the 21st century: art and technology, gender theories and their influence in the language of contemporary art, the role of museums in society, etc. Finally, the SDA Park will also function as the special headquarters of the 21st BAFICI - which will be held from April 3rd to 15 - dedicated to the screening of films directly related to art and culture.

Regarding the intensive artistic activity that will take place in the city of Buenos Aires, the Minister of Culture of the City Enrique Avogadro made reference to the importance of continuing to expand artistic and cultural production boundaries in the city. "Buenos Aires continues to consolidate as a Latin American cultural center and the Art Week continues to promote access to the immense offer of art that the City has through proposals that support art and culture in multiple spaces," he said.

One of the most expected activities is dedicated to arteBA fair. More than 400 artists and 80 galleries from around the world will exhibit their works from Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 of April. To enhance the scope and understanding of the fair, SDA will give a series of guided tours. Under the planning of the critic and curator Laura Batkis, there will be six guided tours per day from different thematic axes. In addition, and this is one of the highlights of the programming, each day Laura Batkis will tour the fair with a special guest: Marta Minujín on Thursday, Cynthia Cohen on Friday, Miguel Harte on Saturday and the last, on Sunday, with the collector Gustavo Bruzzone. 




From April 8 to 14, the map of Buenos Aires is transformed into a giant canvas where collectors, fairs, artists and galleries of all sectors converge, showing the pulse of a city with an incessant contemporary production. "The Art Week empowers the visual arts sector by creating an inclusive and collaborative work network among the different actors and institutions of culture, producing greater visibility and access", explains the General Director of Cultural and Creative Development of the City, Diego Radivoy. "Through the active promotion of the sustainable development of art and culture in the public space, we continue to encourage neighbors and international visitors to enjoy and participate in the artistic excellence of the City."

Emphasizing the crossing of disciplines and discourses, the programming of the SDA, coordinated by Manuela Hansen, puts the eyes of the Latin American and global scene in Argentina. The South American country is a destination that fans, artists and art collectors cannot ignore. And of course not during the month of April.